Plasterer / Cement Mason

The following are but a few examples of the wide range of job descriptions for concrete and concrete finishers who place and finish, including all types of repairing of this solid rock material. Concrete tradespeople work on commercial residential and heavy & highway construction, curb and gutter, decorative concrete, concrete flatwork, epoxy coatings, waterproofing, grouting and shotcrete, including but not limited to the setting of concrete forms.

Thousands of years after its refinement as a building material, plaster still provides durable interior and exterior walls, and ceilings while providing fire proofing protection. Plastering along with Stucco decorates our shopping malls, amusement parks, schools and offices.

The following are examples of the various plaster products and the skill sets of OPCMIA members that utilized in the walls and ceiling industry today: exterior insulation finish systems (EIFS), fireproofing, free form & theme plastering, historical restoration, interior gypsum plaster, motion picture & special effects, Portland cement plaster (Stucco), specialty & colored finishes.

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